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10 hours ago

Rock Radio UK

Miscreant Machine sneaks back onto our airwaves in just over 24 hours time with another epic selection of alternative, punk and noise rock along with an energetic dose of electric rock'n'roll with attitude.

Stay tuned at 00.00am UK time on Tuesday 11th October to enjoy a stack of amazing tunage including new & unreleased material. Birdman Cult, Dominions Of Glue, Oh Sees, 8 Floors Up, Shy-Talk, Pigs x 7, Mother Vulture, Klämp, Spitting Blood, Damaged Bug, The Transpersonals, Bob Vylan, Modern Technology and Shuck are all on the playlist.

Typical International show timings/tune in links

United Kingdom – 00.00 am
Germany – 1am Tuesday
Netherlands – 1am Tuesday
New York - 7 pm Monday
Los Angeles – 4pm Monday
Ontario – 8pm Monday
Sydney – 2am Monday

Tune in here:-


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18 hours ago

Rock Radio UK

On this week’s Walrus & Carpenter Show we’ll be getting underway with the DDE’s and their track Cherry Soul from their new Calm Before the Storm EP.
Sketch also return with their current 45 Do You Love Me Yet?
The Lonely Goats will bring Not Another Love Song which features on the Thomas Imposter Records compilation No Limits Vol 1.
The Wolfhounds are after the Goats with a track called Like Driftwood (A Turntable Friend Records)
The Autumn Killers EP, Dancefloor Mayhem, is now out and I’ll be playing I Don’t Mind from it.
SilVer VialS bring Sweet Life (Fruits de Mer Records The World is Our Lobster)
K Michelle DuBois returns with her cover of the Police song The Truth Hits Everybody and makes it her own and we’ll see out Part 1 with Agency-V and This Time from their No Divide EP.
Eclectic part 2 Starts with;
Gemma Dorsett-Broken Blessed & Beautiful-Single Release
Gemma is also in the Band Eleven:11 and This is our Track Of The Week as chosen by Chris Hillman (White Star Records)
Big E and the Wild Hairs-Mister Cool-Electrified
Sons of Liberty UK -Fools Gold(Hell Yeah)-...Shinola
Tin_Strange-Utopia-Looking For a Nation
Chris Horses Band-In Silence-Dead End and a Little Light
The Spiral Electric-So Far Gone-Upon Your Shore
Jamie Porter Band-Where we Belong-Single release
Eel Pie-49th Sky Blues-Eel Pie
The Claws-Wasting Time-No Connection
Kashmir Balance-Having a Good Time-Balance
Born Healer-Heavy rumble-Single Release
JD SIMO-Love-JD Simo

Lazertüth kick off a very proggy Part3 with The Rider from their new Leon LP.
Kingnomad take us to the Omniverse this week while Vilse i Pannkakan make a reappearance with Horisont (Fruits de Mer Records) and we’ll play out to the sounds of James McKeown and a track called Life Aboard the International Space Station (Negative Drive Records).
Tune into Rock Radio UK at 7 p.m. Tuesday (UK Time) to experience the Walrus & Carpenter spinning in space.
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22 hours ago

Rock Radio UK
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