Roger N
My love of music started way back with the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Procol Harum etc and while my tastes are pretty broad I do still love the Psychedelic and Progressive genres in particular. I strum a bit of guitar when I get the chance but definitely for my own amusement! I started broadcasting on Hospital Radio, something that I still do and found a niche and like-minded music lovers on Rock Radio UK and I’ve been with the station for a few years now. My shows are:

The 60s Scene – I tend to focus on the years 66-69 the period when the scene was really exciting and music was developing and each new release was awaited with huge excitement.

The Imaginarium of Wonderful Weirdness – I tend to stick to a theme with these programmes but that theme can be anything from Alice in Wonderland, The Canterbury Scene, New Prog, New Psyche, a particular record label etc. It will sometimes feature interviews or even the odd slice of poetry depending on the theme. The music might be contemporary or from previous decades but there will be something that ties it all together.

The Walrus & the Carpenter – This is a show that I work on with my friend Roger D. The music is new or recent and the mix reflects the different tastes and areas of knowledge of Roger D and myself.  There’s areas where we overlap, areas where we diverge and there’s generally a glass or two of wine involved!


Roger D
I have always loved all genres of music from a young age, particularly enjoying live music.
My first vinyl purchases included, The Allman Brothers Band, The Doors, Deep Purple, Wishbone Ash, Peter Green-The List goes on!!
This set the trend for my main taste in music namely Rock, Blues and Seventies.
Before producing my own radio shows, I entertained people with my Mobile DJ Roadshow Hosting Weddings, Parties and events etc.

My Radio shows
One Way Out (Only Only on Blues@)
Features Blues And Rock Music from the latest releases of not only established artists, but also from new artists.

Roger D’s 70’s Soiree
As the name suggests music from the albums of the sixties and seventies. Concentrates on the nostalgic and classic rock and blues tracks.

The Walrus and The Carpenter

A 2 Hour “dual” show presented along with my knowledgeable friend Roger N.
We tandem together to produce a show of outstanding, mostly new music reflecting our individual tastes.
Superb music and wine is the norm!!