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For over 40 years, I’ve been an obsessive rock music fan. In my mid-teens I became infatuated with the music of Genesis, Led Zeppelin and Yes. My enthusiasm for their music, and of many others, continues to this day.I have been involved in DJing and presenting radio shows in the last few years. I present a monthly show on a local internet radio station and even produce my own music podcasts. For a while I was a volunteer on the hospital radio and will admit to having played requests for Ed Sheeran!

1974 Music Show

I see presenting these shows as the natural extension of being a music fan and collector.I am honoured and delighted to join Rock Radio UK to present a show dedicated to progressive music from the Seventies. I call it The 1974 Music Show, which is an ironic reference to view held in certain quarters that no music of value has been made since 1974. I intend to include the whole range of rock music from the 1970s – progressive rock, heavy rock, jazz rock/fusion, folk and other interesting stuff. I hope you will enjoy it too!




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