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My name is Mimmo Caccamo, I'm 66 years old Italian chap. I've been living in London for
most of my life..
I've been a rock dj from 1976 and still going strong. I've also been a rock
correspondent for an Italian monthly mag
called Rockerilla. I've interviewed a variety of bands from Nirvana to Spiritualized,
Stereophonics and Napalm Death.....
Some for the mag, other for a fanzine ( just when I started writing ) and other for my
radio shows too.

Shades Of Rock 

Right now I have two weekly rock shows for two Italian radios both well knows.
The music I play its mostly rock but I drop some electronica at times..
I like to play 60s /70s rock ( King Crimson, Wishbone Ash, Trapeze, VDGG, Atomic
Rooster , Babe Ruth and more...) with a look on today's scene: Psychedelic rock,
stoner, doom, and whatever I fancy.
My rock taste it's quite wide.
Mimmo Caccamo

Mimmo Caccamo



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