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I became interested in music as a young autograph hunter in Blackpool waiting outside The Opera House asking musicians and pop stars to sign my autograph book and any pictures of them that I had collected.  The most memorable moment of that period was meeting Gene Vincent. Another such moment was meeting all the Radio Caroline Jocks at The Queens in Cleveleys in 1966.  I started learning guitar at the age of about nineteen with the idea of becoming a songwriter but it wasn’t until 1978 I thought about forming my own band which was to be Ideal Types which contained some of the most creative musicians I have ever known. After the demise of Ideal Types I played with one or two local outfits and did sound mixing and roadie for another local band in the 80’s.  During the 80’s I continued to write more songs filling brown envelopes with cassettes to send to music publishers which always seemed like a thankless task. In the early 1990’s some of legwork paid off with a number of instrumental themes accepted for publication and release on 'Panama' an international music library label. All of these themes have been included in TV documentaries and films on worldwide release as background & incidental music, some have been used just recently in the series Dalziel & Pascoe.  In 1995 I established my own record label “Twosome Records” and released my CD Album “He Was A Dreamer” the title track receiving airplay on BBC regional stations. Another song “In Time” was played on BBC Radio Northamptonshire in 1997 as a tribute to Lady Diana. In 2007 “Southbound Train” a southern rock song was released on NBT Records USA on their “Ride The Train” Series.

The Rock Of Ages Show

 In 2002 I was approached by C.FM a local radio group to present a rock show on their early trial broadcasts, eventually becoming one of the founding directors, sadly it was all to end in tears when I resigned on air in February 2008 due to a change in music policy which meant my show was to be downgraded. However, I was approached by several internet radio stations in the USA & Canada after they had read my story, this enabled me to continue to present my show on the internet which was broadcast 5 days a week by ‘Smokin Tunz Radio’ & twice a week on A slogan ‘From the UK to the USA ‘The Rock of Ages Show is Comin’ Your Way’ was borne when I became part of the ‘Smokin Tunz’ line up in May 2007, the show became so popular that the owner Brian Boone even had a 24 hour ‘Rock Of Ages Radio Show Rock-a-thon’.  Sadly Brian Boone died in November 2009 and ‘Smokin Tunz’ had to close down at the end of December.  I was approached by several internet stations but I was delighted when I was asked by Norma Jean ‘The Queen of Classic Rock’ if I would like to continue broadcasting my show in the USA on ‘The Red Eye Radio Network’ as we both had great mutual respect for the late Brian Boone who believed in us, I felt an immediate affinity with Norma and I just ‘Knew’ that ‘The Red Eye Radio Network’ was the right station for ‘The Rock of Ages Radio Show’ which is now broadcast world wide on thirteen different stations.  I also continued to run BJ’s Blues Club here in Chorley which became the most successful blues club in The North West. “Keeping Live Music Alive” was my slogan for the continuing quest to give longevity to the Club whose name is taken from my late friend BJ, it was his last request to me, to continue as the promoter for the club.  I am often called a ‘Rock Guru’ but in truth I am a campaigner for so many bands and pioneering musicians who appear in my show who I feel have been sidelined far too long and don’t receive their due recognition for their contributions to music. To take a tag line from my radio show “Seminal Bands, Definitive Tracks, Forgotten Songs & Unsung Musical Heroes” is possibly the best description of my musical homily. All I do is for ‘Love, these are my Hobbies, my Passions, my Desires to ‘Keep Live Music Alive’ today and to ‘Keep The Memories Alive of The Great Musical Heroes’ Who Made It All Happen’ for me from the late 60’s…70’s… ‘May The Great Spirit Watch Over Each and Everyone Of Us ’Until We All Meet Again’.  This was written by me after I lost 4 very dear friends who believed in me and gave me the confidence to carry on with my ‘Dreams of making my pastimes my ‘lifes' work’. "We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams" Lucas Campbell.

  Lucas Campbell


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