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I grew up in the 60s/70s with show tune loving brass band listening parents and a sister addicted to Cliff Richard. The first album I bought was Abbey Road followed shortly after by Let it Bleed. I was hooked!

Kieth Nickless Rock Show



I started reading the music press and finding out about bands with long hair that my parents hated. 1971 was a the perfect year for discovering music and I started going to gigs. I completely freaked my parents with Who’s Next and Led Zep 4. My First gig was Status Quo 2nd March 1973 and I haven’t looked back. Last gigs were Massive Wagons in Tunbridge Wells and Crow Black Chicken in London.


My Radio experience is this

1977-1984 Hospital Radio a late night show that mixed Rock and Reggae

!982 -1985 Radio Guildford at Surrey University presenting a rock and Indie show


2018 – Present Chiltern Voice

I presented a mixed genre programme called Ball of Confusion for 18 months. It was mainly rock but included Country, Blues 60s pop and Rap

I currently present a Rock show for 2hours p-laying a range from 1940s blues to new bands such as Massive Wagons, Dust Coda and Troy Redfern. I have developed a relationship with a couple of PR companies that allows me to get new music quickly, I am not a slave to them.

My current favourite albums Skyline Mojo by The Dust Coda, Saving Grace by When Rivers Meet, Hardware by Billy F Gibbons and Turning to Crime by Deep Purple.

All time top 10 albums

Mott   Mott the Hoople

A nod is as good as a wink  The Faces

Physical Graffiti  Led Zeppelin

No sleep til Hammersmith Motorhead

The Whippoorwill  Blackberry Smoke

Jaibreak  Thin Lizzy

House of Noise   Massive Wagons

Rant   Ian Hunter

Who’s Next  The Who

Nevermind The Bollocks   The Sex Pistols

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