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Hi,I'm Welsh Gene.
I have a show here on Rockradiouk that goes out twice a week.its on every Wednesday 11:00pm & Tuesday 03:00
My show,CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT, comes from the Frankenstein studios high up here at the Castle.Its a dark place where the Children of the Night listen in for their Rock n Roll medicine.The studio is over run by EVIL Gremlins but luckily I have the beautiful Countess Von Gene to calm me and Dr.Van Hell- Sing armed with Holy water to keep the Gremlins at bay.
I was raised in Rock n Roll and believe that good music should be heard and here at the Castle it will be.
My show is a mix of Classic - New rock tunes with a few memory makers I play from the Vaults of the Castle.
So to sum up,

Children Of The Night


I'm Welsh Gene and I play Rock n Roll - LOUD.

Welsh Gene

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