Gavin Burton

Gav’s first musical experience was special, very special, his first live gig was The Wombles in 1977, well they do say you have to start at the bottom and work your way up, which he did instantly; his next live experience was The Ramones.

His punk rock influences transferred to the crossover period with Adam and the Ants in the late 70’s and very early 80’s, giving him the opportunity he needed to express his true inner feelings by dressing up as the Dandy Highwayman every chance he had !

It wasn’t until he started to frequent by pure chance, the local alehouse that served up its patrons with local brewed beer and cider, and a healthy dose of rock in 1984 that his love of melodic Hard Rock was sealed with Bon Jovi and the mighty Van Halen blasting out on the pub jukebox.

Keen to embrace this genre of rock , out came the long hair, poodle perm and the brown leather tasselled jacket (which ye still has and can still get in to) just like his hero ‘J B J’.

And so it was on that Rock road that Gav’s musical future was set, never to stray from that path. Even as he progressed from ‘SKY’ fitter to office manager for over ten years, the cries of ‘Oi Meatloaf giz a song’ always ensured that there was rock-abound on the office musical airwaves. Playing classic melodic rock that everyone could sing along to; from Journey to Bon Jovi, Thunder to Tesla, as well as those few unfortunates that really were classic but never quite made it ‘massive’, Tyketto, Harem Scarem, Bangalore Choir, a true ‘AOR dream’ Nowadays heavier callings appear more and more, frequent trips to Pantera and 5FDP are complimented by journeys into Avantasia and newer heroes such as Shinedown and Eclipse but always looking for and championing the next big thing such as In search of sun or Malevolence

His zest for live music ensured that he was guaranteed a place as the other member in the ‘extraordinary gig club’ which has a record of 37 gigs seen in 42 days , not bad I think you’ll agree ! . If you see him at a gig be sure to say hello he’ll be the younger better looking one!

Gav lives in the centre of the known universe, Doncaster ! He is a very proud father and works for a large American logistics company where he is a keen campaigner to bring decent radio to the masses.

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