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All Aboard The Skylark review by HAWKY

The brand new album from HAWKWIND

Well it’s that time of year again a new Hawkwind album I was a bit apprehensive despite being a fan for over 35 years.

The last album was a definite Marmite one and I don’t like Marmite ha…

But anyway on to the new album all aboard the skylark if you’re like me, when I heard the title I was instantly reminded of one of my favourite authors E E Doc Smith so was very interested to see what the band produced this time in what is their 50th year have played it a few times so far whereas last three don’t get any table time these days mainly due to poor production this definitely will i have planted the flag on this I like it.

It’s half-and-half vocal instrumental wise it starts off with Flesh Fondue, a Re working of star cannibal, that will sound great live should they play it and I won’t really add more spoilers and leave to each listener to form their own opinion but tracks 3 4 6 8 and the finisher are on heavy rotation I will say whilst it could never get close to my 3 top eras far too tall a task but it’s the Dave Brock way to try something different it’s a welcome addition to my collection….. Onward

All Aboard The Skylark

the brand-new album

 Release date 25th October 2019

CD – All Aboard The Skylark w/ bonus Acoustic Daze

Vinyl – All Aboard The Skylark

Vinyl – Acoustic Daze Limited Edition

Pre-order here





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